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BMW 6 Series Concept Coupé

Every BMW should be instantly recognisable as a BMW. The model fleet is a byword for design that rigorously incorporates its DNA while at the same time
imbuing each model with its own, individual character.

A representative balance of proportions, surface design and details makes up the unique nature of each BMW model – as authentically expressed in the BMW Concept 6 Series Coupé.

Its proportions and flowing lines signal dynamism coupled with supreme elegance, while its sporty attributes are defined by a wide, low-slung front end that features a large air intake and is wider at the bottom than at the top. Other major styling cues are the low-set kidney grille with its slight forward rake and the arrow-like lines on the bonnet. LED accent lights cut across the top of the familiar BMW twin round headlights to create the intent look that is such a distinctive design element of BMW cars.

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, on BMW’s
design philosophy: “Our design is always authentic. That means it has to match
each model one hundred percent and convey what the vehicle is capable of.
With its low-slung silhouette and dynamic proportions the BMW Concept 6
Series Coupé embodies the perfect synthesis of form and function, thereby
expressing the elegance and sporting character of this model.”
Inspiration from the flow and power of water. The inspiration behind the BMW Concept 6 Series Coupé is to be found in the fluid, uninterrupted contours suggested by water in motion. The interplay between the lines of the bodywork and its concave and convex contours takes its cue from the wave movement on the surface of a sea exposed to winds and tidal ebb and flow.

BMW 6 Series Concept Coup

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The BMW Group employs some 450 designers worldwide. The fundamental
aspect of the design process is the internal competition for the design of the
exterior and interior of a vehicle. The designers’ sketches go through several
decision cycles, during which the number is progressively whittled down until, at
the end of the second phase, the final design has been selected. The first phase
is primarily aimed at determining the proportions on the basis of sketches. The
second phase concerns aesthetics: exciting surface contours and precise lines
give rise to the characteristic design language of each vehicle type. Using clay
models, the proportions are further developed and tested for feasibility. The final phase of the design process is devoted to working out the subtle refinements and details of the design. This phase sees the designers and engineers collaborating particularly closely to ensure the best possible result.


The winners – and therefore the designers responsible for the BMW

Concept 6 Series Coupé – are:

Nader Faghihzadeh Exterior Designer BMW Automobiles


Christian Bauer Interior Designer BMW Automobile

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