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Where Design Happens: Spain

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BD Barcelona

This Barcelona-based furniture design company was the first to produce furniture designed by Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí.

Designer: Jaime Hayón

Gaulino Chair

Designer: Oscar Tusquets Blanca

Named the “Gaulino” chair to combine the influences of Gaudí and Mollino, two designers admired by Tusquets.


Binaria Chair

Designer: Jordi Badía and Otto Canalda.

Colors: Black, white, red.

A seat with medical prescription; it aids posture by pivoting the legs at a healthy angle relative to the back.



The Alma Easy Chair

The indoor version, “Alma In,” is fully upholstered. The outdoor version, “Alma Out,” is made of polyethylene fabric.

Designer: Lavernia&Cienfuegos


The Audrey Collection

Formed by an organic line structure that surrounds the seat simulating a hug.

Designer: Odosdesign


Arturo Alvarez

This Galicia-based lighting design firm is dedicated to reinventing traditional lighting with new materials. These are some favorites:



Designer: Arturo Alvarez

Material: Polypropylene and Metal

Colors: White, black


UXI suspension

Designer: Arturo Alvarez

Material: Plywood

Colors: White, wenge, or yellow



Designer: Arturo Alvarez

Material: Polypropylene, metal

Color: White or black



Designer: Martín Azua

Material: Polyethylene

Color: White



This Barcelona-based company uses light to create atmospheres with character. Here are several of their newer fixtures:



Designer: Christophe Mathieu

Materials: opaque white discs made in molded abs, chrome.



Designer: Antonio Miró

Materials: Aluminum, methacrylate

Colors: red, white



Lorea fruit basket: This work of origami is captured… as a fruit basket.



Atempo Boxes: Ana

Designer: Miguel Ángel Ciganda

Material: Natural wood laminate, melamine paper



“Testa Headboard”

Designers: Martín Azúa, Nani Marquina, Gonzalo Milá, Gerard Moliné

Colors and designs vary; each featured designer made their own.


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