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Valencia Design Week Part 1


Designspotter visited the Valencia Design Week & Feed for the second time

After my turbulent journey to Valencia, including my second flight in Palma flew without me (first flight delayed) and the fear to be stuck in this from german-tourists conquered island and then arriving at the wrong Petit Palace Hotel, my inner-conflict and finally the resistance of the mini-bar Heineken for 5,90€; I was in Valencia.

On Sunday morning the FEED-members met with Juan and Maria from ADCV and afterwards we prompt started the program with an exhibition by Valencian's well known graphic-designer Pepe Gimeno, guided by the master himself. The exhibition showed his work in the past years, concentrating on the development during a project. In his work nothing is random, graphic-design becomes science and market positioning, but without loosing the love for his work as a designer. The next point on our schedule was a visit to the Odosdesign studio, where we were shown a presentation of their latest work. For example the Pio-Pio chair for SANCAL and a funny advertising for Bancaja they did in 2009, where you see an elephant relaxing at the beach...the point is, that they really hired an elephant for this project „this is not photoshop!“.


After lunch we went on to Estudiohac, as soon you get in you see a whole wall of photos of shoes on different surfaces all around the world. “Yes, I did all the photos!“ said José Manuel Ferrero, the director of Estudiohac. Quite impressed of a man, who owns more shoes than me, we got a guidance through the studio an also a presentation. At his office I fell in love with the armchair of the collection “TEA” he designed for SANCAL. In the office-kitchen I was introduced to Orxata, a typical-Valencian drink made of so called Tiger roots. It tasted very healthy...One point further of the schedule led us to the studio from Marisa Gallen, a local graphic-designer, who showed us that graphic design is not forced to be only computer generated.

The first day was finished with an amazing picnic on the greenfield of the lamp factory lzf , surrounded by their atmospheric lamps. Full with Paella, cheese and ham, they showed us the production hall and in my mind I began to arrange the “Link Chain-S” suspension-lamp with the “TEA” armchair...–


Monday 19th: Press Conference in Las Naves, it was in spanish, I glimpsed at the notes (in english) from my seatmate. “There was a good response with the Feed-project last year, more collaboration between the city of Valencia and the Valencia Design Week, furthermore aim: international recognition.”

Las Naves is a whole building regarded to creativity, at the top floor is the ADCV office located and at the remaining stories you find photo-studios, recording-studios, artist's workshops, computer-studio and a modern libary. This giant project was supported by the city of Valencia, to make equipment accessible for young-creatives. Now Las Naves is open to the public and you can rent a studio and attachments for about 6€ per hour.

by Stephanie Krauch


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