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Remembrance of the creative mind Nagi Noda

Her picture language was significant but also specific to every creation, desaturated colours, colour contrasts, colour stimulus - interacting with cute, crazy or weird characters or sceneries. Censorious challenging or the playful celebration of humor & colour; the final goods resulted to be coherent & catchy.

Nagi Noda was born in Tokyo in 1973, she graduated from Women’s College of Fine Arts with a degree in design. After working at I&S, Onuki Design and Sun-Ad, in 2003 she founded the design group Uchu Country. She was also a member of Los Angeles-based Partizan, the production company of the likes of Michel Gondry and Traktor.

In 2007 she started the fashion brand “broken label.” Noda was active as an art director, video director and artist. She created advertising for Laforet, Nike, Suntory, KOSÉ, LG and Coca-Cola; opening titles for “Honey and Clover”; and CD jackets and music videos for Yuki, Hikaru Utada, Suneohair, TIGA and the Scissor Sisters. Her expansive scope of work encompassed advertising campaigns, short films, graphic design, product design, fashion design, package design and book design.

As an artist, her work included contemporary art exhibitions and installations. She created the mascot character “hanpanda.” She received numerous awards, including Tokyo ADC and Tokyo TDC Awards, the JAGDA New Designer Award, Good Design Gold Award, New York Festivals Silver Award, NY ADC Gold/Silver Awards, NY TDC Award, ACC Silver Award, and a Bronze Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Film Festival. In 2006 two exhibitions of her works were mounted: at ginza graphic gallery in February, and Colette (Paris) in April. Nagi Noda passed away on September 7, 2008, at the age of 34.

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